We make pictures because we are painters; we have no choice. We sculpt with clay to feel between our fingers the raw material of the earth from which we are originated. Writing is a quest to make sense of the world and to understand our place in it. We dance to experience the ecstasy of being alive. Art helps us to know there is beauty in a commodity-driven existence, to touch the freedom of a geography without borders and a landscape without maps. It is a way of life.
Jada Griffin

Jada Griffin’s paintings are boundary-pushing. They advance into spiritual realms that are waiting to be found. They inhabit a place of beauty, strength and freedom that is beyond time and space. Jada’s “landscapes” explore the edge between physical fact and the dimensions of dreams. Through them we feel a numinous connection to the stars, to Nature and to the entire cosmos. These pictures ask us to know their country, not from the perspective of rational, structured intelligence, what we think we already understand, but as wild animals know their country, from an open and connected brain as hot and flowing and flexible as the magma within Earth itself.  While Jada’s likenesses of women contain an underpinning of pro-women’s progress ideals and take on a political stance against Patriarchal systems that seek to silence women’s voices and confiscate their worth, these canvases go past any news headline sound bites, becoming poetic metaphors for deeper underlying truths. In a relative world that longs for absolutes, they take on the copious ambiguities of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, for they overflow with love, delight, and the full-being enchantment of a Beethoven symphony on a midsummer’s evening. These are works whose validity and force lies in the experience of the pictures themselves. They request to be participated in convulsively through the heart, and not through reason. Jada’s images of women probe the margin between art and erotica. But these are not works made for the male gaze of traditional art history. These women look back at us. They are awake, self-assured, vital, ravishing and provocative, dazzling icons that represent a potential in all women everywhere. There is no other way of grasping the genuine reality to which they refer than by allowing our world to dissolve into their world, into the vast expanse of time, extending from the far distant past before we were born and into the far distant future after we die. In doing so, we merge with something larger than ourselves, a grand and eternal unity, a hint of something infinite.